• From the shelter to the stage, these ‘mutts' are marvelous


    This week at Carowinds an extraordinary group of rescue dogs, known as The Marvelous Mutts, are back for an exciting ‘Canine Spectacular’ show full of tricks and entertainment.  The dogs will perform at the park June 9-15. Their shows will take place daily in the Intimidator infield at noon, 2 and 4 p.m.

    PHOTOS: The Marvelous Mutts Canine Spectacular at Carowinds

    The Marvelous Mutts aren’t just talented performers, they were all rescued from various animal shelters across the country. The Marvelous Mutts and their trainers, Nadja Palenzuela and Kara Gilmore, like to educate the public about the great potential in shelter dogs, spreading awareness on the importance of pet adoption.

    “The best part of The Marvelous Mutts,” says Palenzuela, “is working with and caring for amazing dogs that were homeless at one time; they’re shining examples of dogs that thrive once given a second chance.”

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    While at Carowinds the dogs will amaze and charm audiences by racing through obstacle courses, flipping and flying through the air to catch their toys, and give new definition to the phrase “top dog.”

    In addition to catching the Marvelous Mutts dog show, visitors get to enjoy Carowinds 50 rides, shows and attractions including Boomerang Bay waterpark.  

    Carowinds is open daily for summer operation. Visit carowinds.com for information and ticket prices. 

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