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Posted: 9:31 p.m. Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Food Babe makes eating healthy easy

Food Babe
Food Babe

Eating healthy can be confusing and a bit intimidating these days with so many choices to pick from. The good news is local Charlotte food blogger, Food Babe, is trying to simplify matters.

Food Babe helps you navigate the grocery store and make healthier choices by identifying harmful ingredients in your favorite snacks.

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You may be surprised by the not-so-healthy chemicals in your favorite snack! And instead of just saying they are harmful, she explains exactly why they are bad. See what childhood snack is full of toxic processed chemicals, here.

She also provides readers with mouth-watering recipes they can recreate at home. See Food Babe’s recipe for a refreshing carrot blueberry sprout salad, here.

Along with providing healthy eating tips, Food Babe also isn’t afraid to go head-to-head against big name companies to force them to make their ingredients healthier. See what well-known beer company she is taking on here.

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